Iced Christmas Cookies

Christmas Recipe Day 18…

Prep Time: 10 minutes. Bake Time: 12 minutes. Makes: 24

Iced Christmas cookies are something that you can make at Christmas with the whole family… the kids will love making different Christmas themed shapes and will have fun decorating them with different colours and patterns. This bake is also so easy to make even the kids will love helping you make it. A quick easy fun recipe that can get you into the Christmas spirit without too much effort!


-110g softened unsalted butter                                   

-1 vanilla pod (substitutes available on Android and iOS)      

-110g caster sugar                                                                    

-1 egg lightly beaten (substitutes available on Android and iOS

-300g plain flour

To decorate:

-300g icing sugar

-3 tbsp water

-A few drops of food colouring.


-Edible glitter

-Writing gel pens

-Anything else you like.


1. Preheat the oven to gas mark 5/ 375F/ 190C and line 2-3 baking trays with greaseproof paper and grease with the butter.

2. Add the butter and sugar to a bowl, mix well with a wooden spoon until you get a creamy consistency. Then beat in the egg and add the vanilla.

3. Next sieve the flour into the mixture and mix well until a dough is formed. You can then wrap the dough in clingfilm and chill in the fridge for approximately 20 minutes if you want the dough to be firmer.

4. Roll the biscuit dough out on either a floured surface or between 2 sheets of greaseproof paper until the dough is about 1cm thick.

5. Then cut out shapes using biscuit cutters and place on the baking trays. Remember to leave plenty of space between each biscuit. Bake the in the oven for 10-12 minutes, or until lightly golden brown.

6.While they’re cooling you can make the icing and keep the decorations ready.

7. To make the icing, in a large bowl, sieve the icing sugar and add a couple of drops of water then mix well until smooth- if it’s still dry add another drop of water. Finally add a drop of food colouring if you wish.

8. Once the biscuits have cooled, add on the icing using a small palette knife and decorate with edible decorations 😉

We hope you have fun and get everyone involved in baking these Iced Christmas cookies!

A nice hot cuppa and a few biscuits… sounds like a perfect evening to us 😉

Ice ice baby… 😉

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