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Wooden Tools vs Plastic Tools


When it comes to baking, everyone always has their favourite set of baking tools that they like to use. However have you ever thought about alternatives to the equipment that you use? Tools that are made from plastic are not only more harmful to the environment when they’re thrown away but they also don’t last as long as wooden tools. Wooden material is degradable and can put nutrients back into the soil as it is a renewable resource. Plastic on the other hand releases a lot of toxins when products are manufactured and is not biodegradable most of the time. Our wooden baking set has been designed by us and the wood has been carefully selected so that you can bake safely and have tools that last you for years!

Wooden bowlThe baking set is made from bamboo and beech wood, it’s sturdy and cleans very easily with just warm water-no soap is necessary which means that you’re not washing your tools after baking with harmful chemicals. We wanted to make sure that all our packaging was recyclable too and also more ecological than plastic tools and packaging. Therefore we’ve reduced our plastic packaging as much as we can so that the environment is better off.

Baking set display pic

When using plastic or silicone tools you will notice that you’re replacing them every few months and that they also stain which can make for an unpleasant and harder baking experience. Therefore we think that by giving our wooden tools a go you’ll feel more confident that you’re being more eco-friendly. Not only that, but as our tools are safe for younger children you can all bake as a family without having to worry about sharp edges.

Chopping board

Therefore we’re confident that you will love our baking set and will feel happier that you’re thinking more green and eco-friendly! Our one of a kind wooden baking set can be found on Amazon- so order yours today and help yourself as well as the environment!


Happy Baking!

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