Welcome to All Things Baked!
All Things Baked Ltd,
Leicester (Head Office)

We love baking almost everyday and we do have fun creating new recipes and experimenting with different flavours and techniques. However we do love baking on the weekends, especially Sundays as we always have friends and family around and they can enjoy what we make!

Baking tools and tins

The best part is getting everything out that you have and baking up a selection of yummy treats for everyone. Now everyone loves chocolate- who doesn’t? 😉 this is mainly what our weekend bakes consist of and let’s face it the chocolate bakes are always the ones that get finished 1st.


What are your family favourites and what is your favourite baking day? Are you one of those bakers that loves to get everyone involved or do you just love to surprise people with what you make? We love surprising everyone with amazing treats but every once in a while we get love to get the family involved in the kitchen and we must admit they do enjoy it and we all do end up having a lot of fun together!

Cake and Tea

Yummy bakes, a hot cuppa and a good old catch up are what make up a lovely weekend.

Happy Baking to you all!