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At All Things Baked we only believe in including the top quality ingredients to your bakes because they make all the difference with the flavour! With our recipes we try and test the ingredients we include to ensure that your bakes turn out great too 🙂

Here are a few of our past boxes and an example of some of the ingredients we include for certain recipes:

January Box-Cookie dough pizza

January 2017 box

March 2017 box

July Box

June 2017 box

June Box

July 2017 box

August box

August 2017 box

Sept 2nd Main Image

September 2017 box

October box

October 2017 box

We know that it can be time consuming finding the right ingredients for recipes so we want to take all that extra work and do it for you. By subscribing to our boxes you will save time, have a delicious recipe to follow and the best ingredients to make it without all the fuss! Sometimes it can be tricky finding some of the ingredients and when you go to the supermarket do you sometimes give up and just buy a mix? It is the easier option but it isn’t the best and you deserve the best so give our boxes a try 😉

After all the most important thing to a bake is the taste! We’ve also lowered the price to make it more affordable, therefore with the new price of only £9.99 you have great value for money, leaving no excuses not to bake from scratch!

We look forward to welcoming you to All Things Baked.

Happy subscribing!