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Everyone loves freshly baked goods and it can be difficult for some people to have the same great treats as everyone else if they don’t eat certain ingredients. When we make cakes for certain friends and family the main ingredient that we are asked not include is eggs. So we had to still keep the flavour and texture of our great bakes but replace the eggs.


Although eggs are very versatile to everyday cooking, they also make cakes moist and are a natural raising agent in baking. However if you don’t eat eggs you can still make baked goods which taste just as great without them. The ingredients that we have tried and tested and have found to be the top 3 ingredients that we will continue to use are:

1tbsp soya protein powder + 3tbsp water
1/2 mashed banana
3tbsp peanut butter

(These all equal to 1 egg).

We love to experiment with ingredients and think that it’s important to always expand your baking knowledge by learning about new ingredients and techniques. So give these a go when baking and you will see how great it is to experiment and use different ingredients. Even if you do eat eggs you can still try these methods as they will add an extra flavour kick to your bakes!

Happy Experimenting!