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During Christmas and most of December we have been baking and eating so many decadent desserts that we absolutely loved! We didn’t feel guilty about eating any of them because we knew it was the holidays and could burn it off and be healthy in January 😉 Who else did the same? I mean if you can’t eat everything during Christmas then how can you enjoy yourself fully- Christmas is the time to feast!

Chocolate slice

With so many amazing smells of cakes, bakes and all those Wintery flavours it’s hard to resist! We love winter it’s the best when it comes to baking as you can use so many warming flavours and enjoy your bakes with either ice cream or custard. The choices you have are so wonderful and we’re so glad that we went all out and enjoyed as much as we could!

Cherry pie

However now that it’s the new year, we know that everyone’s probably feeling lethargic and feel as if they need to hit the gym seriously everyday. However it doesn’t mean that you have to stop eating all those yummy treats…we have created some new and exciting recipes that are not only lighter and better for you, they will also satisfy those sweet cravings! These bakes will contain ingredients that are light, fresh and have lots of flavour…


Therefore you can still bake and eat delicious desserts, however you will not feel as guilty and still have lots of energy for the new year and start working on those resolutions!

Hope you all have a great weekend and we look forward to welcoming some more bakers this year!

Happy Baking!