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We’ve been baking from scratch from since we were young and enjoyed the whole baking process from shopping for the ingredients, to weighing them out for the recipe, mixing them together and then baking them to produce these wonderful bakes which we then decorated to look very pretty. We had so much fun with our families and this is how All Things Baked started! It gave us the idea to start a business which would help other families to do a fun activity together and it gives children and new bakers a chance to learn a new skill ūüôā When we get asked by a¬†customer why they should choose our baking boxes compared to cheaper box mixes that you can buy from the supermarket we explain that the way our boxes work is more beneficial as it’s a way to take a recipe and go through each stage of baking it so you know exactly what is in the baked goods that you make!

Baking Ingredients 1

With the box mixes there are a lot of additives and preservatives added in them and although it may be quicker just to add water, oil or an egg to the packet mix the result will not be the same as baking it yourself as the bakes won’t be as fresh, the texture will be a little more dense and the taste won’t be as delicious. The truth about baking from scratch is, is that it may be a little bit more expensive to buy all the ingredients but knowing that you’re getting a better end product isn’t that more worth it? Sometimes we know that people don’t have much time but still want fresh cakes, breads and biscuits so they may just want a quicker way to make them. However if you compared the time it takes to make a box mix and baking from scratch there is only a few minutes difference (the only thing you may have to do is wash an extra dish but we promise the taste will be worth the extra work!).

Therefore we can say with much confidence that baking from scratch and using the best ingredients is the better option and with our boxes you don’t have to worry about the cost as we provide great value ingredients and fun, unique and exciting recipes that will be worth the extra money you would pay for our baker boxes rather than supermarket mixes. All our baker boxes make enough for up to a family of 6 so when you pay ¬£9.99 per month this means that each dessert only costs you around ¬£1.66 per person. We hope that for those of you who use box mixes will consider trying our baker boxes and we can guarantee that you will see the quality of bakes when you make desserts from scratch!

Happy Baking!