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Wooden Baking Set


Our handcrafted and engraved wooden baking set has been designed by us and has been handmade for us using natural Beech and Bamboo wood. The set includes 8 different items and the wooden box.

This set includes:

Wooden Box (30cm x 21 cm x 11cm)

Small serving/mixing bowl (9.5cm x 7cm)

Scooping Spoon (14cm x 4cm)

Spatula (18cm x 2.5cm)

Spoon (23cm x 4cm)

Rolling Pin (20cm x 2.5cm)

Whisk (20cm x 4cm)

Decorating Tweezers (15cm)

Chopping Board (25cm x 17cm x 1cm)

We’re very excited to finally launch these boxes and know that you will love baking with all the different tools, it’s a great set to have at home and also makes a special and unique gift for some one who loves baking 🙂 This is a great set to have as it makes a lovely alternative to baking with standard metal and silicone tools. The set requires very little maintenance to keep the wood smooth and in it’s original colour and the best part is that you do not need soap to wash it-just some warm water. Full instructions are provided in the box. Discounts are available for our baking box subscribers that have been with us for 3 months and over and they get of 30% off the RRP price and new subscribers to our baking boxes get 10% off. These boxes are also available for sale to non-subscribers at the full price. Please email us if you would like the box to receive the discount code if you’re a subscriber. Postage and packaging is included 😉

Our baking set is now available directly through Amazon:

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