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Just Subit

Just Subit is our exciting new app to help you to still make those wonderful dishes with the best substitutes. Whether you’re looking to make your bakes and other dishes healthier or suit your dietary needs we can help you! Our app gives you helpful suggestions on how to make the best out of a certain recipe…

Whether it’s a savoury dish…

Veggie stir fry

Or a sweet dish…

Chocolate Cake

We can give you many ideas on how to make it! Don’t believe in following a recipe exactly and feel like you can’t achieve the same results there’s always a way and sometimes doing things a little different can actually turn out better! So instead of missing out, it’s best to be creative and have those yummy treats in no time!


We also believe that even if you’re not looking for a healthy alternative or something to suit your dietary requirements, being creative and experimenting is great too! You can learn and pick up a new skills, test your taste palates and even have fun being innovative! We love experimenting in the kitchen and trying more ways to make our favourite dishes and with our substitutes we’ve never been disappointed. So with a little bit of change your dishes can be improved and also have many more benefits.


Our app is now available on Android and iOS and we will constantly keep updating it and adding more ingredients so you will always have fresh new ideas to work with. If you have any suggestions you would like to make feel free to let us know.

So whether you’re Vegan or Gluten Free or just looking for different ideas, to cook and bake Just Subit!

Happy substituting!


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