Welcome to All Things Baked!
All Things Baked Ltd,
Leicester (Head Office)

We are a UK based specialty bakery company with many years of experience and have a passion to share our knowledge of baking with you! We wanted to create something that gave you different recipes and ingredients to make your very own freshly baked homemade products. As a result our boxes which are filled with inspiration and great ingredients were created to inspire new and also existing bakers.

We believe that in no time you will be on your way to creating and experimenting with your very own different techniques and flavours. We’re always there to help you along the way so that you can become a great baker!

Nothings says home like the smell of baking…🙂 Why buy ready made cake mixes when you can bake from scratch and really make a nice treat for your friends and family? 🙂 We believe that it’s better to have an amazing treat once a month rather than eating junk every week. Especially for those parents with young children who always ask for sweets and chocolate. With our boxes they can look forward to it and will really appreciate their monthly treat! They won’t even ask for unhealthy snacks in between that time 😉